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Vigneto Fogliano 2013

Tre Bicchieri® 2017 - Vini d'Italia 2017

 Vigneto Fogliano 2013 - 3 Bicchieri


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The farm Bisci is the result of the passion of brothers Giuseppe and Pierino Bisci for their territory and their land. In 1972 they bought an estate of about 15 hectares and transformed over the years in one of the reference estates in the production of Verdicchio di Matelica. Today Mauro Bisci, son of Giuseppe, is the owner of the company.

The property is situated in Matelica in between the provinces of Macerata and Ancona.

It covers an area of ​​about 105 hectares, entirely within the territory of Verdicchio di Matelica DOC, 20 hectares of which are under vines.

The 20 hectares of vineyards, 14 hectares of which under Verdicchio di Matelica vines and 6 hectares cultivated with red grapes such as Sangiovese and Merlot, are located in mid-hill at an altitude that goes from 300 to 350 meters above sea level, slightly sloping and fully exposed to the south.

The cultivation of grapes is linked to the principles of high quality. Vineyards have rows extending in a north-south orientation and are enclosed in a narrow valley of soil rich in trace elements.


View of Matelica village
Vista di Matelica
View of Bisci cellar
Vista Azeinda Bisci


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Azienda Agricola BISCI s.s.
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