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2017 vintage key points:
An uncommon vintage from both rainfall and temperature point of views. Frost in late April. 30% less production. Grapes
with excellent maturation and with exceptional health profile. Early harvest (beginning of September). Expectations:
elegant and good for aging wines.

The 2017 was an uncommon vintage from both rainfall and temperature point of views.
The vintage started with a mild winter but with some important snowfalls, followed by a warm spring with temperature
above the average and with little rainfalls. The summer was hot and with no rains, characterized by a succession of heat

The winter rainfalls and the snowfalls provided a good water reserve until spring, while the low spring rainfall was not
enough to provide the same water supply for the summer. Despite all this the clay soils have helped to maintain a
certain water support to the plants.

On April 21st, a very unusual late frost hit Italy, reaching the worst temperature in the valley floors. In the Matelica area
we experienced around minus 5°C in the lower valley floor, which has burned several sprouts already in advanced

The low quantity of water and the frost have conditioned the production which resulted in less than about 30%
compared to the average of the previous vintages.

At the same time, almost no rainfalls, high temperature and low production allowed us to have grapes with excellent
maturation and with exceptional health profile. As consequence, we could use over 90% of the harvested grapes to
produce our wine selections.

All the grape growing process was anticipated and this had lead us to start the harvest at the beginning of September.
Thanks to the perfect weather conditions, the health of the grapes and its consequent easy selection during their
picking; the harvest lasted almost one week (usually it last between two and three weeks).

It has been an early harvest, of around three weeks before the standard timing.
Such a large anticipation was also a consequence of our choice to prefer drinkable and elegant wines rather than
powerful ones.

In general, we think that the producers that have well understood this vintage following carefully the maturation
evolution without respecting strict protocols will be able to obtain great wines.

In this 2017 we do expect to produce elegant and good for aging wines.

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